Games & Chat for Couples
Flirt, Play and Start Sexy Conversations . Uncover shared desires in a safe and private app just for you two.

Screen shots of phone displaying the Amorus APP chat page. There is a small dialogue exemplifying an intimate chat in the app.
Amorus is an app for adults only.
You must be 18+ to download and use.

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More Private
Connect only with who you choose.
No public profile. No search.

Content is always encrypted.

No mobile phone number sharing required.

More Engaged
Tools to share intimate desires within healthy boundaries.

Custom emojis help with tricky communication -
a yield sign for "that's not my jam but let's keep trying."
And fire-eyes for "Hell Yes!"
More Inspired
Games to spark flirts and discovery.

Fantasy Swipe the tiles that excite you. When it's a match, the Fantasy is revealed! Learn what you both desire.

Chat Sparks start the sexiest convos with questions that get the chat (and the sexiness) moving:
"What was your favorite fantasy at 20?"

Jigsaw turns your pictures into a puzzle.
Make your Flame work for that pic!
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