Spark Sexy with Your Flame
The spicy games app for known partners.
Making couples more DELICIOUS.

Screen shots of phone displaying the Amorus APP chat page. There is a small dialogue exemplifying an intimate chat in the app.
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Tantalizing and playful questions to get conversations rolling. You'll be surprised, intrigued, and discover delicious truths about your fellow player(s).
For 2-8 players.
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Amorus User
"Amorus is a fantastic sidekick to texting. I've improved so much my skills, thanks to being more creative and daring. Would highly recommend for folks who want to master the escalation game.."
"I've been using Amorus as a teaching tool in my work with couples and individuals. ...We all like how it's a separate experience than regular messaging, makes the body quiver when the notification alerts :)
Highly recommend!."
"This products rocks. I've never seen anything like it. I and my "friend(s)" are huge fans!!!."
Games to spark flirting with your Flame.

Fantasy Swipe Swipe what is a yes! If you both ✅, the match is revealed! Uncover shared desires.

Chat Sparks start exciting convos with 100's of fun prompts like: "How do you love to be flirted with?'"

Jigsaw turns your pic into a puzzle. Make your partner do a little work for that selfie!
Get More Creative
Create Anticipation - get (and give!) the thrill of a message that we *know* is thrilling - cause it's from Amorus ;)

Custom emojis help with tricky communication -
a caution sign ⚠️for "that's not my jam, but let's keep trying." And fire-eyes for "Hell Yes!"

Control what you share - delete a message (or a pic or the relationship) and it deletes everywhere.
Be More Skilled
Stay More Private
Messages are always encrypted - we do not read or share or sell your conversations.

URL and QR code invites. One time use.
No cell phone numbers required.

No visible profile. No search. Amorus is only for known connections.

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